Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. Indian education system has the right tools to equip a student’s mind with the knowledge that will allow them to keep up with the ever changing global corporate environment. The world has appreciated the efforts of Indian students, over the last 3 decades and has recognized India as a source for diligent employees.

Global accreditation–The Republic of India signed the Washington accord in 2014. The WashingtonAccord recognizes that there is a substantial equivalence of engineeringprograms accredited by the signatories of the major countries of the world.Hence an Indian Engineering degree is recognized to be on par with globalstandards.  http://www.nbaind.org/global-presessence.

English,India’s unofficial language– English has emerged as the unofficial globallanguage. Indians are only second to U.S citizens when it comes to speaking Englishwith 125 million speaking the language. Almost all the university courses inIndia are taught in English language. This is the main reason why Indianstudents are hired by companies across the globe.

Indianeducation system will make you skilled – Indian students are considered tobe the masters of multi tasking and creativity, thanks to the Indian educationsystem. Nearly 49% of high tech startups in Silicon Valley and Washington DCare owned by Indians or Indian Americans. Indians make up the 2nd largest poolof engineers and doctors in the world. This data speaks volumes about thetraining system in the country. India is a start up hub with over 6000startups. The government of India is supporting the startup culture with itsscheme “Startup India”. http://startupindia.gov.in

MNC'Slove hiring Indian students– Almost every major MNC has its presence in India.The big 4 consultancies like KPMG, Ernst and Young to major FMCG brands likep&g, L’Oreal to media houses like BBC, Star have their presence in India.Major technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google, automobile brands likeHyundai, Ford, BMW and Fashion houses like Nike, Adidas are operational in thecountry. The companies have become familiar with the Indian culture and areaggressively hiring from Indian institutes for domestic and overseasassignments.

Topof the world– A total of 19 Indian institutes feature in the top 200 institutesof the world according to the QS rankings. India’s higher education system isthe 3rd largest education system in the world.

Establishedlegacy– Just like how a lofty building must have a solid foundation; Indianstudents are trained with the right balance of theory, practical knowledge andhands on experience. Indians like Sunder Pichai (CEO at Google LLC) andRaghuram Rajan (Chief Economist and Director of Research at the InternationalMonetary Fund) are leading the world’s biggest brands.

Globallycompetitive- National-level statutory bodies certify The Institutes listed withStudy in India - NIRF and NAAC recognize all the listed institutes and ensurethat they meet Global standards. Therefore, the degree will be recognized bythe major countries the world. You can use the following links to know more aboutit. 




Campus hiring– Every year, companies across the world visit thebest college campuses in India scouting for talent. Deloitte, IBM, KPMG,Cognizant, Mckinsey are some of the big names in the industry who hiregraduates in technology or MBA graduates in India.


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