5 Reasons Engineering is Beautiful
Engineers around the world have helped to create the digital world we now live in. We are so used to it that now we cannot imagine a life without our favorite gizmos. Given below are five reasons which go on to prove that engineering is a beautiful field according to news.campushubindia.com

1.   We bring people closer– Through the power oftoday’s communication technology and transit systems; the whole world hasturned into a global village. You can talk to anyone located in any remotecorner of the world in a matter of seconds. It is easier now to Skype someonehalf a world away than it was to place a call in rural Canada 20 years ago.

2.   We make the world safer – One of theprimary duties of any engineer is to keep people safe and thereby make theworld a better place to live in. This is evident from the cars we drive and thebridges we build. It makes national news when a bridge collapses – not just becauseit’s a tragic event, but also because it happens so rarely. Previously cars didnot have seat belts. But now we have cars that will brake automatically so asto avoid a collision.

3.   We help the world learn – Through the Internetyou can learn almost anything for free. You can know about the happenings in anycorner of the globe with the click of a button – Google will even translate itto you for free if it is in a tongue unknown to you. Coursera and MIT’sopen courseware program have made it possible to even get university-leveltraining for free.

4.   Engineers are responsible for the advances inhealthcare – Medical research is highly dependent on tools developed byengineers. The same can be said for clinical medicine. It’s almost impossibleto imagine a doctor being able to give the level of care he/she can give todaywithout the various tools and diagnostic equipment that they have at theirdisposal.

5.   We keep the lights on – It is because ofthe hard work of engineers that you can enjoy power, water and other utilitiesround the clock at your home. The fact that you can just flip a switch and havethe lights come on is a beautiful thing. It has taken decades of hard work andmany engineering brains to get us to this state of living. It is tough to thinkof a more complex system than the power grid according tonews.campushubindia.com

Ina lot of ways, engineering is like the audio-visual crew for a concert – ifengineers do their job right, nobody will ever notice it. When an engineer doeshis job right, everything just falls into place beautifully. Engineerslove this aspect of their lives as it gives them a lot of satisfaction.

Whetheranyone else knows it or not, engineers are making the world a


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