India and STEM Education
The National Science Foundation has predicted that 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require some form of math and science skills. In addition, employers are on the lookout for graduates who can think for themselves, work in a team and apply what they have learnt in shaping real world concepts.

India is teaching its students the concept of STEM from an early age so that students can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live and contribute in a global community.

 Currently STEM is all the rage across the world. The STEM curriculum focuses on educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — not as separate and discrete subjects but in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Studies have found that a majority of future jobs will be based on STEM skills. In a world that is quickly evolving and inclined towards technology, these skills will also have a great effect on the economy of nations.

 The Indian government is currently promoting initiatives such as Make in India,Skill India and Digital India to encourage manufacturing, technology usage and skill development, which leads us to conclusion that STEM is an integral part of our curriculum.

Currently the number of jobs based on STEM are far exceeding the number of STEM graduates. To meet the growing demand, we are moving towards STEM enhancement and smart class platforms. Many STEM companies are working with schools to help them set up STEM centers, and tinkering labs with upcoming technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

 Library infrastructures in educational institutions are getting upgraded to create more engaging learning assets and management tools, implementing Learning Management Systems, assessment systems,language labs, library management systems, gamification, etc. Entry level coding systems inculcating the concepts of STEM are being introduced in schools.

 India has entered into a partnership with Ohio State University leading to the establishment of the Indo-U.S. Center of Excellence in STEM Education and Research. It is also building an advanced STEM ER structure at the Jahangirabad Institute of Technology in Gorakhpur. Thus India is slowly progressing towards a STEM centric work force


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